Server blog, and other information like events!
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eHeroes - Main
Cheater / Hacker report
This is where you can report hackers!
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Last Post: [TEMPLATE] This is how you report player!
by 8qBIT
12th Oct 2017, 1:16PM

Ban appeal
Should you get unbanned and why?
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Last Post: I AM SORRY Oprostite za mojo obnašanje
by 8qBIT
23rd Feb 2018, 8:56PM

Staff Applications
You can apply to become staff rank here. I hope you know what does it take to become one of us, it takes hard work and time!
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Last Post: HELPER Helper applications...
by 8qBIT
25th Feb 2018, 4:13PM
Off topic
Just whatever, youtube adverts, anything!
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Last Post: #Pay2Help
by 8qBIT
8th Feb 2018, 7:06PM

Youtuber Application
You can apply for youtube rank here.
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Last Post: YouTube
by Nemanja
29th Dec 2017, 9:46AM
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